MBC Photo App

A safe Instagram-like iOS photo app for students, teachers and parents that allows collaboration in the classroom.

  • Contribution: user research, scenarios, task flows, prototyping.
  • Teammates: Austin Cherry, Dalton Cherry.
  • Duration: 2 Months, February 2014.
  • Sponsor: Lightspeed Systems.


Smartphones are an essential part of modern life and today they are integrated into many classrooms. This project maximized the potential of the smartphone at school, turning it into an educational tool.

We generated ideas around the possible uses of smartphones by our personas, then we filtered the best ones and used them to create usage scenarios. After that, I built some paper prototypes that allowed us to test basic interactions. The next step was to create an interactive prototype and several task flows showing the use of the app by parents, students and educators.

teacher work flow of the photo app
Teacher work flow of the photo app
student work flow of the photo app
Student work flow of the photo app

The final result was a safe and monitored app, similar to Instagram and used by students to share pictures with the rest of their classmates.