MBC Windows App

A light version of the My Big Campus app for Windows 8 devices.

  • Contribution: design research, information architecture, visual design.
  • Teammates: Robert Wilson.
  • Duration: 3 Months, February 2015.
  • Sponsor: Lightspeed Systems.


The development team at Lightspeed was asked to create a reduced, native version of MBC for Windows 8. We wanted to adapt our current iOS and Android apps to Windows tablets by respecting the interactions and patterns of this platform while offering a true MBC experience to our users.

mockup of the windows app
A Windows experience that users could still identify as MBC.

In this project, I defined interactions creating wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes that were used later by the development team.

I found the Windows Design Guidelines quite confusing, so part of the process consisted of identifying the best practices of some of the most popular apps in the Windows Marketplace and reusing them in our prototype, which was later user-tested with a successful result.