My Big Campus

My Big Campus is a Learning Management System for K-12 schools developed by Lightspeed Systems.

  • Contribution: user research, scenarios, prototyping, front-end development, visual design.
  • Teammates: Dustin McCraw, Steve Landwehr, David Patrick, Kellen Hawley, Andrew Hecht, Sam Bible, Aaron Benson, Ryan Bond, Carson McMillan.
  • Duration: 3 Years, March 2015.
  • Sponsor: Lightspeed Systems.

I spent about 80% of my time at Lightspeed working for My Big Campus doing user research, creating personas, scenarios, prototypes, etc. as well as implementing interfaces.

wireframe of mbc
This is part of a wireframe for the Messages section of MBC

What made My Big Campus different from any of my prior projects was the size. It was a big project with many complex features and it counted 5 million registered users across 3 different continents. This required me to be extremely careful with aspects such as accessibility, the adaptability of the design to different languages, and the performance and speed of the entire website.

My Big Campus has greatly evolved over the past few years. It started out as a monitored social network for students and a safe way to share YouTube videos in a classroom, but it ended up being a full-featured LMS that integrates with the rest of the Lightspeed products.