Jekyll Tips


A nice resource if you’re considering blogging with Jekyll. You’ll find an introduction guide, some tutorials and tips, templates and a list of third party services you can use to enhance or complement your blog.

Album Colors Of The Year


album colors

This is an interesting project where Marcos Rodriguez and Zé Felipe compiled 150 album covers from last year organized by color. Every cover is linked to its album in Spotify.

I think that in this streaming era the concept of album (and cover album) is getting diluted. I hope they don’t end up being just a thing of record freaks like me.

Kraftwerk 3D


kraftwerk 3d

I went see Kraftwerk live at the Keller Auditorium a couple of days ago. The concert was part of the same tour that started at MoMA a few years ago but, honestly, I think it was the exact same show I saw in Benicàssim in 2004, but with 3D visuals. Not that I care, I still think it was great and all these classic robotic tunes are amazing and timeless.

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Using Trello for User Research Synthesis


I use Trello all the time, I think it’s by far my favorite digital tool. One of the things I love about Trello is the flexibility and how you can adjust it to your own workflow. This article is about how to use Trello while doing user research, an activity that I’ve been doing quite a bit lately.

Research sprints


This is the first in a series of five posts on running your own user research that I found at the Google Ventures blog. Great tutorials that include all the templates you could need when you do usability testing. And they also have a pretty useful 90-minute video!



I’m doing some usability testing at work and I just discovered that Silverback, the screen capture software I used before, doesn’t work anymore in my new Macbook. Looking for an alternative I found Lookback. It’s simple, multi-platform (Mac, iOS and Android), and it uploads your recordings to the cloud so you can share them with the rest of your team.

Base 16 Color Schemes


When you write code it’s important to do it in a comfortable environment. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a color scheme that works for me and I think I finally have a winner: Base 16 (Eighties).

Screenshot of Sublime Text using Base 16 Eighties

Typography Cheat Sheet


I’m a fan of cheat sheets, I use them all the time at work. This one is a comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage, keyboard shortcuts and HTML entities.

Primer, another CSS framework


GitHub publicly released their internal CSS framework… and definitely, you can tell that the Bootstrap: guys now work for GitHub. Not necessarily a bad thing, though, and the docs are always interesting so it’s worth taking a look.