Migrating to Jekyll


I just migrated the content of this blog to Jekyll. I’ve been using Textpattern as my CMS of choice for years, but I wanted to try something new and my blog is the perfect place to experiment.

jekyll logo

The process has been pretty smooth and I’m surprised of how easy it was to migrate the old content, posts and links. I might miss some things from TXP, like having a nice back-end or a search engine built-in, but it should be easier to tweak the design of this site using Jekyll and the workflow is very similar to the one I use at work. I am also hosting this in GitHub Pages, what makes everything even easier.

Anyway, I’m giving this thing a try for the next few weeks. I’ll keep changing things here and there and if I don’t like it I can always go back to good ol’ Textpattern.

Fira 3.1 | Carrois


Fira Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed for the Firefox OS. Designed by Erik Spiekerermann and Ralph du Carrois, it's been my type of choice in a few projects lately.

Fira System Font Replacement


If you're not happy with Apple using Helvetica Neue as the default typeface in Yosemite, give this a try. This is a modified version of Fira Sans that works as the default sytem font once it is installed in your fonts folder. Not perfect yet, but getting there...

screenshot of fira sans as a system font replacement in yosemite

The Accessibility Project


A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier. Good selection of articles, how-tos and other resources.

Design Kit


Design Kit is IDEO.org's platform to learn human-centered design, a creative approach to solving the world's most difficult problems. There's a really nice free PDF that explains the principles of HCD.

Spectacle app


Mac utility for window control with simple, customizable keyboard shortcuts. Similar to BetterSnapTool, but free and Open Source.

Google Web Fonts Typographic Project


Google Fonts has such a big collection of fonts that sometimes is difficult to find quality typefaces. This page offers some typographic inspiration using Google's web fonts.

I refactored CSS for 9 months and I survived


I think that during the last 9 months I spent 80% of my time at work writing or refactoring CSS. Exciting, right? Well, the truth is that I had to change my mentality about how to do this kind of stuff. I had many years of experience doing CSS for small sites, sites with hundreds or a few thousand users. And I used to do this by my own, alone. Now I work on a e-learning web app that is used by several millions of kids across North America, Europe and Australia, and we have a team of developers working on the same code continuously. So the priorities and goals are different, and the performance and maintainability are in the top of the list.

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