Site Colophon

This site is a showcase of some of my work and it's also a blog where I write random notes about design, music, technology, etc. I also keep a collection of links, some of them recovered from my old Delicious account.

The first blog posts are from 2004 and at that time I was using Blogger as my publishing platform. After that, I used Textpattern for years as my CMS of choice and right now I'm using Jekyll to generate this site and Github Pages to host it. There's a GitHub repository where you can check the source code of this site.

All the code and markup were made on Github's Atom, wireframes, mockups, icons and other vector graphics were created on Bohemian Coding's Sketch, and when I needed to edit bitmap images I used Flying Meat's Acorn. The typeface you're seeing is IBM's Plex Sans, which is excellent and open source.

This site has been tested and is supported in modern and ancient browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera (11+), Internet Explorer (9+) and Firefox (4+).