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apple hq

apple hq

Yes, it’s great to be married to a girl who works at Apple. Great perks and sometimes you even get to visit the famous 1 Infinite Loop Headquarters.

apple hq

(The cake at Caffè Macs was just ok).



lammes candies

austin at night

Lightspeed opened a new office in Austin and I got the chance to visit for a week. It’s a cool city with a fun nightlife, and probably the best meat I had in my life.

Austin, I’m coming back next year!


vegas view from the mgm



After five years I came back to Vegas and I had the same old feelings. It can be really fun, it can be really expensive, and it is always overwhelming. I couldn’t stand all those lights, noises and people for more than two or three days, but hey, if you have it in small doses it is just great.


Tons of books, articles, photos, tweets, music, movies… Yes, we are surrounded by an overload of information, noise and crap. And it’s getting worse, way worse. If you are a creator, please don’t be part of that huge pile of crap. Be passionate about your work and create something useful.

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